The following guide will walk through the steps to users to a group within the Windows SBS Server 2008 operating system.

Step 1: From the desktop of the server. Open the Windows SBS console and click on the users and groups button.

Step 2: Once selected click on the user that you wish to add to the group and then click on the change group membership link on the left hand side of the window.

Step 3: The dialogue box will have a list of the available user groups and the user groups the user is already a member of. To apply a group to the user click on the group in the list on the left hand side and click the add button. The user will be then added to that group. Alternatively the user can be removed from a group by clicking on the user group on the right hand side of the dialogue and then clicking remove. Once the changes have been made click on the apply and ok to confirm the changes.