This guide will talk you through how to configure rules and alerts in Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010.

To start open your outlook, navigate to rules then click manage rules and alerts.

Once clicked you will be faced with the screen to the right. This lists all the rules currently active on your email account (ticked) and the inactive ones (unticked). From this dialogue box you can make new rules, edit existing ones and delete rules.
This guide will explain how to create new rules. To do this click on the new rule button. This will bring up the rules wizard.

The rules wizard contains many templates that can be used. Pick one of these templates fits the description of what you would like the rule to do. Otherwise for more advanced options start from a blank rule.
Once the template or blank rule of choice has been selected click next.

The wizard now will display conditions needed by the rule you have chosen. Also it will display a list of other conditions that you can apply.
At the bottom of the window the rule conditions are displayed. Click on the highlighted “phrases” to set the conditions. Adding adresses to the rule can be done by double clicking an address as shown in fig 1.1 and map to a folder as in fig 1.2.

Once all the conditions have been set click finish, name your rule, turn on the rule and then click finish.