Essential Plan - Website Hosting & Maintenance

This provides you with all the hosting resources you require for your current website and will grow if you need more. It includes critical support for your website and the server it is on. Some examples of this support are:

  • Website is offline or has a serious issue such as unable to place orders, key functionality not working.
  • Dealing with a security issue or data breach outside of the customer's control.
  • Other exceptional circumstances severely impacting the website outside of the customer's control.

Advanced Plan - Website Hosting, Maintenance & Support

This includes everything detailed above in the Essential plan plus unlimited support of your website. Support is the most time-consuming component of our website services and this cost is based on your individual support requirements over the past 12-24 months. Typical support requirements include:

  • Updates/alterations to existing functionality.
  • Tweaking responsiveness (mobile/tablet modes) of website pages and content.
  • Updating plugins/extensions and resolving any compatibility issues between them.
  • General troubleshooting, technical support and advice on utilising the website.