1. Until the step to do so, do not connect to WiFi or a wired network
  2. Unbox your device, if it's a desktop, get the keyboard, mouse and monitor connected
  3. Turn your device on
  4. Set your region to your locality
  5. Set the keyboard layout as your localised layout
  6. Skip adding a second keyboard layout
  7. Select the option for "I don't have internet"
  8. Select the option for "Continue with limited setup"
  9. Set the username to user
  10. Leave the password blank
  11. On the following steps, select the negative option
  12. Select the "Send Required diagnostic data" option
  13. Select "Not Now" for Let Cortana help you get things done
  14. Your computer will now finalise the install of Windows and you will end up on the desktop
  15. Connect your network cable or your WiFi
  16. Go to https://my.splashtop.com/sos/packages/download/L47JP47XYRRJ to download Splashtop and ensure it has an ID 
  17. Call us on 01902 203 001