Proofpoint Digest

Q: What is this email?

A: This email is typically called a ‘Digest’, you will receive this each day at 10:00 hrs if there are emails that have been sent to the address detailed at the top of this digest that have been quarantined (placed into a secure area where it cannot run or affect any systems). Proofpoint is our new email protection system


Who the email appears to be from, this isn’t always 100% accurate however as it can be spoofed. If you’re unsure we can have a look however the best way to check is to contact the sender and ask them whether they sent it. – We understand this isn’t always possible and so the best policy is always “If in doubt, don’t release the email”.


Email subject – Brief message describing what the email is about.

Delivery Date/ Time:

The exact date and time the message arrived in the spam filter.



This will take you to a webpage and let you view the email, it will remove some parts of the email - for example URL links for safety


Removes the email from being quarantined and delivers the email to your inbox (this can take a few minutes to arrive).

Release & ApproveRemoves email from being quarantined and delivers the email to your inbox and additionally whitelists (approves) the sender for future emails.

Blocks the sender, doesn’t deliver the email.

Request New Digest:

Requesting a new digest will give you a more up to date digest containing any quarantined emails since your last digest.